We are the manufacturing of bouncers as below

We are the manufacturing of bouncers as below: The material only account for 50% of the product quality, the other 50% is the way how you manufacture the product and put all together (reinforcement, stitches, quality of mesh windows, etc.).

Basically clients are looking for the inflatable bouncer as following:

* A 13&Abs Coupling39; x 13' bouncer * The cushioned bouncer hight of 2ft and 6in minimum.

* Vinyl 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin 1000D (Three layers coated sides with a net inside).

* The vinyl has to be flame retardant and meet BS7837.

* The mesh window has to be strong enough

* Glue and placement of reinforceent stitch to each piece before stitching is a must. Also reinforcement at jumping area is required.

* The thread used must be high tensile strength (0.55mm pvc tarpaulin,the best commercial grade trapaulin we offer)

* Double stitch and triple stitch at all stress points (i.e. entrance/exit and bounce floor areas). * "D" rings for fixation.

* Zippers or Velcro at the lower back of the cushion to deflate faster (do you have examples pictures?).

* It should include a vynil mat to be placed at the floor as a protection of the structure base. * The structure must be able to withstand wind speed of up to 40 km/h. * Long air fill tube to mantain blower away from the bouncer.

* Water-proof On/Off blower with GFCI at 110v 120v UL standard for northamerica market.

* It should include a bag to transport the bouncer (which material you offer)

* 2 years warranty. If any quality problem in 7 days after you got goods,we can change it for you freely. Some detail introduce of our water slides or bouncy castles as below:

1.Material and mesh: 1000D oz pvc tarpaulin, this kinds of material is used to make inflatable products,like bouncers,combos,slide. The mesh is strong enough, especial to bouncers or slides

2.Stitching:reinforcement at jumping area,double stitch and triple stitch at all stress points is a must to us. We are # experiential in doing this.

3.D ring on bottom to fix the bouncer on ground.

4.About the zipper,repair kit all is same as you mentioned. 5.Also have pvc strong bag for bouncer. 6.But about the vynil mat and instruction book need charge a little, the price i provied you before did not contain this. Usually we print a warmly noted on bottom of bouncers. All of our inflatable bouncers comply with these basic specifications.

If not, we will let you know the price for a bouncer with those specifications.Note that if we agree; you need to provide a technical specification sheet which clients will need with all of the details indicated above.


I am looking for long lasting relationship with a detail, wholesaler as I may also provide inflatable bounce house to sell there in Canada,US,UK,Europe,Australia; to do this, it is not enough to say "good quality", it has to be "High Quality" and I should be able here to provide at least 2 years of warranty.